Image of team member presenting about CAD

Team 7651’s mission is to promote Science, Math, Engineering, and Technology (STEM) to students and youth through inclusion, outreach in our community, and inspiration, by making a friendly, enjoyable, and engaging environment, where all opinions are welcome and hands-on experience is valued.

One of the most important parts of running a team is giving back to the community. Team 7651 participates in local technology events, gives presentations on topics such as CAD and computer Programming. Many of the team’s members assist community members with their technological needs.

Team 7651 Outreach Events

Locals received instruction from Team 7651 in the programming language of Python. The ages of the attendees ranged from elementary school children to senior citizens.

In order to recruit new members, Team 7651 set up a demonstration at the Freshman Orientation event at the high school, allowing for the message of STEAM to be spread throughout the high school.

Team 7651 gave a class to locals on the intricacies of 3D modeling and how it can be transferred to a 3D printer to produce a solid version of what was designed.

One of Team 7651’s sponsors was generous to let the team give a demonstration at their Pancake Breakfast fundraiser, allowing for the message of STEAM to be spread throughout the local community.

Team 7651 worked with Scout Troop 1071 of Delmar, NY to increase awareness of STEM. Scouts practiced programming with LEGO MINDSTORMS robots, tried to build a tower of spaghettis, and built paper bridges.